Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Can't Mom Stay Home?

You know…when I was a boy… « Click to Continue: "So if I look at a typical family today they are spending 10 times more for every item they buy compared to 1964. They are also on average making 10 times more BUT it requires 2 incomes to make this work. Since mom is now working to pay the mortgage they are incurring somewhere between $300-$800 PER child for daycare. Add to that the fact that most do not live and work within walking distance of one another so a second car is typically the order of the day as well as the expense of the commute. The other fly in the ointment is taxes. Since 1964 the day which is considered to be tax freedom day, the day in which the typical taxpayer will have met all of their tax obligations on a federal, provincial and municipal level has increased by approximately 40 days. That is to say that the average taxpayer will pay taxes for 40 more days than in 1964."

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