Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Share the Misery

Whether your rich or poor your standard of living is going down. Women and minorities hardest hit.

The Cost of Climate Regulation On American Household

And It's all because of a fraud.

Co2 is NOT a pollutant.

VIA Powerline

First, do you know that carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere is
Þ only slightly more than 1/3rd of 1/10th of 1 percent?
Þ just recovering from the lowest level in the history of the earth?
Þ the source of carbon for all life forms, on land or in the sea?
Þ only slightly above the suffocation level for green plants?
Þ a fraction of the level for which evolution designed plants?
Þ so low as to cause some people breathing problems?
Þ increased by 130 times and more when administered to sick patients?
Þ considered, thanks to Al Gore, a pollutant by the U.S. Supreme Court?

Over the last 350 million years CO2 has varied by 10 fold, approximately 250 ppm to 2,500 ppm with an average level of 1,500 ppm. This average level happens to be the optimum level for plants, it seems by evolutionary design, and is the reason that this level of CO2 is used in greenhouses Since plants and animals evolved together it's likely that humans also evolved to function best at some higher level. However, at 380 ppm we are not far from the lower end of that 10 fold range.

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