Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Vice Looter

Doug Ross @ Journal: "In 2006, an investment adviser they'd met named Anthony V. Lotito offered Hunter an opportunity to buy an ownership interest in the Paradigm family of hedge funds. It looked like a great deal.

Lotito and the Bidens formed a limited-liability company to purchase an interest in Paradigm. The company would be called LBB Holdings USA, LLC. Each man controlled a one-third interest in LBB.

Lotito advised the Bidens that the best man to create LBB from a legal perspective was John Fasciana, purported to be 'the best in the business.' What the Bidens didn't know about Fasciana was they he was a convicted felon awaiting sentencing for a massive fraud: a federal jury had earlier found that Fasciana helped others steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from IT outsourcer EDS by pinching checks sent to the company and then laundering the funds through Fasciana's attorney trust account.

But, at the time, the Bidens claimed to be unaware of the suspect activities swirling around Fasciana (and, apparently, the existence of a research tool called Google)."

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