Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ingraham and Morano Expose Gore's Global Warming Profit Motive |

Ingraham and Morano Expose Gore's Global Warming Profit Motive | "For several years NewsBusters has been informing readers of Nobel Laureate Al Gore's profit motive as it pertains to his advancement of global warming hysteria.

This included the presentation of a video of the former Vice President disclosing in March 2008 what investments he's personally made in companies that will benefit from any legislation designed to curb carbon dioxide emissions.

This admission garnered virtually no mainstream media coverage from global warming obsessed press members when it was first uncovered last April."

MORANO: Speaking, other investments. Absolutely. Yes. I also think he is motivated beyond money. He is an ideologue. He is a committed believer. It is not there he -- it is not fair to say he's doing it for the money. But this is big business in Washington. There are four climate lobbyists for every member of Congress. That's how bad it's gotten.

But Al Gore, she mentioned the law firm Kleiner and Perkins. Al Gore is a partner in a firm which vested $1 billion in 40 different firms. When government mandates come down the road, this is going to increase the company's business and portfolio and the amount of profit, Al Gore, according to Dick Lindsen (ph), one of the scientists at MIT who Al Gore has criticized. Al Gore wants to become the first carbon billionaire. And he is poised to do it. He has the Alliance for Climate Protection. He has his other groups in the U.K., Generation Investment Management. Both of these groups, one has pledged to spend $300 million to promote a climate - promote government policy that will force carbon markets and carbon trading where Al Gore is essentially either a founder or a partner in a whole wide range of groups, including in Chicago and in the U.K., stock market carbon trading, where he is poised to benefit incredibly. As much as he's made now is going to be piker league compared to what he is going to make in five years if all these new carbon trading mandates go through.

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