Sunday, June 21, 2009

American Thinker: Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme

American Thinker: Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme: "The First Lady helped create a notorious program that dumped poor patients on community hospitals, yet the national media ignore the story. Imagine if her husband were a Republican.

The University of Chicago Medical Center has received a�good deal of�justly opprobrious press over its policy of 'redirecting' low-income patients to community hospitals while reserving� its own beds for well-heeled patients requiring highly profitable procedures. Substantial coverage was given to a recent indictment of the program by the American College of Emergency Physicians. ACEP's president, Dr. Nick Jouriles, released a statement suggesting that the initiative comes 'dangerously close to ‘patient dumping,' a practice made illegal by the Emergency Medical Labor and Treatment Act, and reflected an effort to ‘cherry pick' wealthy patients over poor.'"

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