Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Hollywood: A Thief in the Night: Veterans’ Land Grab

Big Hollywood � Blog Archive � A Thief in the Night: Veterans’ Land Grab: "Did you ever have an encounter with a thief? If not, how many times have you read or heard about their sudden attacks in newspapers or TV and thought or gasped, “I hope that never happens to me”?
Well, it is happening. As I write this, we have politicians all over the country stealing from us. Many of you are now more than aware of this new Cap and Trade bill brought to us by “our” representative in the 30th district of California, Mr. Henry Waxman. Well, you may also want to know that Mr. Waxman has been quite busy these days not only promoting the biggest tax in history, but also by helping to give away land he does not own.
Whose land?
The land of our revered Veterans."

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