Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jamie Gump For FBI Director? #teaparty

Power Line - Jamie Gump For FBI Director?: "Is President Obama really thinking of nominating Jamie Gorelick to head the FBI? It seems almost inconceivable that anyone would consider appointing her to run anything. The Examiner reprises her career, which has led some to call her the Mistress of Disaster:"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Could Obama be Impeached over Libya? Let's ask Biden #teaparty

Liberals: They Blinded Us With Science - Page 1 - Ann Coulter - Townhall Conservative

Liberals: They Blinded Us With Science - Page 1 - Ann Coulter - Townhall Conservative: "In response to my column last week about hormesis -- the theory that some radiation can be beneficial to humans -- liberals reacted with their usual open-minded examination of the facts."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Power Line - Anatomy of a Smear #teaparty

Power Line - Anatomy of a Smear: "The Center for American Progress is generally regarded as a front for the Obama administration. Its President and CEO is John Podesta, formerly Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff and the chairman of Barack Obama's transition team. CAP is lavishly funded by George Soros and several other left-wing billionaires. It runs, among other things, a web site called Think Progress, which cranks out a steady stream of slimy hit pieces for the benefit of the Obama administration and the far left."